So if you're like me, Covid-19 was not in your plans and this whole stay-at-home (self quarantine) thing has been at the very least -- a bit stressful... I've worked from home for several years. That part isn't hard for me. What has been challenging is juggling a full-time job while having three wonderful kids out of school and home every day doing "remote learning."

Jeff photoNeedless to say, my daytime is jam packed between work and family responsibilities. My only "free time" is when the kids are finally in bed at night, then I get a bit of peace and quiet to myself. One of my hobbies is trying good bourbon. To be clear, I'm definitely more of a novice enthusiast versus a seasoned guru. I've also always had a creative side and love online marketing and design. My full-time job is online marketing and email marketing for a non-profit. One night while talking to my wife about the Coronavirus, I laughably referred to one of my bourbon bottles as "my old reliable and trusty friend." That was when I first personified bourbon, and decided to turn it into an actual brand and name. Thus, BoUrbon Designs® was born.

If you or someone you know is a bourbon enthusiast and enjoy drinking good bourbon (or cheap bourbon for that matter), you'll love sporting bourbon... err... BoUrbon gear.

It's genuinely fun for me and creating these products has given me a chance to have a non-work, non-family activity - a "hobby" if you will. Some of the designs on this site are more original than others. No, I don't print products myself. I am not interested in opening my own print shop or fabricating facility. However ALL artwork on BoUrbon Designs -- I have either created (or recreated) from scratch. Plus, I've connected with a few high-quality, highly recommended printers for fulfilling orders.

I started with 2020 election related products (mostly tees right ), and have updated collections to reflect the upcoming 2024 election season as well. I'll continue to expand to other subject areas as time permits so please be sure to check back often. Have an idea for something custom? Drop me a line and see what I can do for you. Yes, I'm a real person and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jeff L.